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Christian Aromatics: the quest towards spiritual divinity from inception to present day

A call to Spiritual Cleanliness

Early Christian Aromatics have always been deeply rooted in Judaism thru ancient Judaic knowledge and practice of aromatics. Early Christians when persecuted removed everything seemly Jewish in order to preserve their human lives. Biblical evidence shows the importance to return to spiritual cleanliness through the observance of Torah. The use of aromatics helps us to achieve spiritual divinity or oneness with Yehovah.

This thesis seeks to explore the history of aromatic practice in Christianity from inception to present day. I propose that in order to achieve spiritual divinity within Christianity the practitioners must adhere to the scriptures by following The Bible and becoming spiritually clean. The first task of this thesis is to note the connections to Judaic aromatic knowledge and practice through the evidence found in the scriptures of the Bible. Then I will discuss the history of Aromatics in Christianity from inception to present day. Next, I will discuss the importance of Aromatics in Modern Christian spiritual practices to achieve spiritual cleanness. Lastly, I will discuss aromatically techniques to achieve spiritual cleanness.

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About the Current Research S.E.Shiflet is doing.

Christian Aromatics: the quest towards spiritual divinity

from inception to present day

I am currently working on a paper to explore what the Bible says about Aromatics. More details will be posted as the paper develops. Check back soon for some interesting polls and surveys connected to this project. Thank you ~ S.E. Shiflet