What is my name in Hebrew and what does it mean?

I started thinking about what my name means in Hebrew. Does it have a comparative from English to Hebrew? I visited My Hewbew Name at https://my-hebrew-name.com/ to find out about my name.

My Hebrew Name:Stephanie
Courtesy of My Hebrew Name

My mother named me Stephanie after a friend. There are several names that Stephanie is attached to but one name seemed fun and unique so I choose it before ever looking up the meaning. It is Tzefira which means "West Wind". Wow, well I was born and raised in what the world calls the West, I currently live in West Texas and the wind is Always blowing! How fitting that my mother would choose such a name for me that had such meaning!

My Hebrew Name: Elaine
Courtesy of My Hebrew Name

My middle name is Elaine, after my Aunt Elizabath whose middle name is also Elaine. There are many Hebrew names for Elaine but Elaine it self is a Hebrew name. WOW! The literal translation of Elaine Eli'anah> Eliyanah means "my God answered me"!!!! This is prophetic because I would have a hard time listing the number of times that Yehovah, my God has answered me in this lifetime!

I am the West Wind and my God, Yehovah answered me!