..and I heard, but not an audible voice, while driving home from the diner, "I'm going to change your life."


Join Me At Sukkot 2019

I. Desert Herbal Remedies of Chaparral

Shiflet House, the producer of Chaparral Rain products, where the Creosote/Greasewood bushes aka Chaparral grows naturally in abundance on their farm. The plant is estimated to have inhabited the earth since creation. Learn about the plant, its health benefits and uses. Explore and experience the Chaparral Rain product line and the smell of the desert after it rains.


II. Spiritual Cleanness with the use of Essential Oils

S.E. Shiflet will share with you her personal testimony of her journey towards Spiritual Cleanliness. Discuss what Spiritual Cleanliness is and steps towards achieving Spiritual Cleanliness. Explore essential oils that can assist you in the Spiritual realm while keeping your complete focus on Yehovah. This workshop is an activity that focuses on Refection, Prayer and Healing. Please be prepared to remove your shoes and socks. If possible wear loose fitting Linen or Cotton clothing. Come with an open heart and a willingness to connect to the Spiritual realm. Participate in a Casting off Unclean spirits exercise, enjoy a luxurious negative energy clearing foot bath, get anointed, experience a Reflection and Healing exercise. We won’t be doing anything that Messiah didn’t do or wouldn’t approve of according to scripture.

Hosted by Stephanie Elaine Shiflet, founder of Shiflet House and SEShiflet Ministries in which, Stephanie is a Biblical Artisan Aromatherapist and Herbalist who wild harvests and hand-crafts her own Chaparral Rain product line and Spiritual Essential Oil Blend product line. Stephanie’s specialty is a Spiritual Prayer Warrior for YeHoVah. Stephanie is currently working on her Masters in Mystical and Spiritual Aromatherapy, in which, she is writing her first book on: Christian Aromatics: A Quest towards Spiritual Cleanness ~ A Call to the Bride of Messiah. https://ShifletHouse.com and https://SEShiflet.com


Manna From Heaven Ministries

Jubilee Sukkot 2019 October 13 - 20, 2019
Camp Tadmor Lebanon, Oregon

Information and Registration: https://livingmanna.net/sukkot-2019/