Aromatics in Modern Christian Spiritual Practices

Answering the question, “What Christian denominations have used and are still using aromatics today?” overwhelmed me with the sheer numbers of the different denominations that exist today. I quickly found that it would be impossible for me to contact each and every different Christian denomination to ask them what seems like a very simple question. According to Philvaz, the total Christian Denomination count as of 03/20/2019 is 49,709.[1] This also answered another question as to why I was having such a hard time finding the answer online through any search I did. I needed help finding the answers to my questions. So I decided to choose 30 churches and 30 coordinating universities, colleges and seminaries to make contact with about my questions concerning Christina Aromatics. Perhaps they could help answer my questions or at least point me in the right direction.

The purpose of my contact is to do research on Christian denominations to find out if or how they use fragrance/aroma in their religious practices. I want to note similarities and differences, along with historical highlights and connections to God through Praise, Worship and Prayer.

List of Questions:

  1. Does your Christian denomination use today Aromatics in any form such as incense, fragrance, anointing oil or other? Please explain.
  2. Has the history of your Christian denomination ever used any form of Aromatics? Please explain.
  3. Are there any Historical facts about your Christian denomination in relation to the use, discontinues use, or nonuse of Aromatics in any form?
  4. If your Christian denomination uses Aromatics, in which form(s) do you use? Please explain.
  5. If your Christian denomination uses Aromatics, when is it used? Please explain.
  6. If your Christian denomination uses Aromatics, how is it used? Please explain.
  7. If your Christian denomination uses Aromatics, what materials including essential oils are used?
  8. Would you share with me any recipes that your Christian denomination uses in its religious practice?
  9. When Aromatics is used what happens? Is there any reaction within the congregation that is noticeable?
  10. When Aromatics is used have you noticed the change of the atmosphere? In your opinion, does this change bring about the presence of God?
  11. Do you know of anyone that I can contact about their experience with the use of Aromatics in conjunction with Praise & Worship, and Prayer?
  12. If your Christian denomination DOES NOT use any form of Aromatics, please explain why?
  13. What is your official stance of the use of Aromatics within your Christian denomination?
  14. What reading material do you recommend that I read?
  15. Is there someone that you would recommend me to get into touch with about my research?
  16. Do you know of anyone else doing similar research that I can contact or read their material?
  17. When I have completed my research are you interested in reading my findings? If so, what is your email address?
  18. Would you be interested in viewing a presentation of my findings? If so, how would you like me to contact you?

In summary of the responses from the questionnaire I sent out are as follows: TBA at a later date. I am still collecting data.  If you would like to participate please fill free to mail your response to the address listed below. Please include contact information. Thank you very much for your participation.

P.O. BOX 1777
Alpine, Texas 79831


[1] Accessed on 03/20/2019  from